Why Preventive Maintenance Matters

Staff safety and quality patient care

Scimedico's comprehensive preventive maintenance procedure focuses on end user safety and optimal equipment function. Our preventive maintenance services address all aspects of the equipment and include decontamination and cleaning, inspection, safety testing, digital documentation, and detailed reporting ensuring preparedness and reducing downtime

Staff safety, hygiene, proper ventilation function, and quality control are Scimedico's service priorities. Scimedico's integrated preventive maintenance supports these priorities through flexible scheduling, service execution, detailed reporting, and our Complilab asset and compliance management software. 

Scimedico has been advocating for laboratory safety since 1998 and fully believes that ergonomic, well-functioning work environments help medical professionals deliver superior patient care. We aim to draw a connection between the function of the equipment and patient outcomes, and with respect for the complexity for the environments in which we work.

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CFM Ventilation Testing

Accurate ventilation testing to ensure staff safety.


Decontamination protects workers and reduces cross contamination.

Equipment Function

Well-functioning equipment reduced down time and increases efficiency. 


Detailed reports available 24/7 on Complilab, keeping you up to date.

Staff Safety

Well-functioning equipment keeps you safe, allowing you to focus on patient care.


Aims to identify issues that decrease workplace quality and safety.

Staff Safety and Quality Patient Care

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Healthcare workers deserve to work in a safe environment, especially since the job they do is an integral part of the public health system in the United States and worldwide. We at Scimedico aim to help those whose labs we service, as well as those labs we don’t service, by impressing upon the pathology community the importance of preventive maintenance within the workplace.

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Regularly maintaining your equipment ensures it is functioning at its best. Equipment that is inspected by industry experts is less likely to break, which reduces equipment downtime and the frequency equipment needs to be replaced. Having reports on issues gives management insight into common repairs and reliable manufactures. 

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Preventive maintenance is a complex, and often underdiscussed, topic in laboratory environments. Laboratory workers are handling dangerous carcinogens and specimens while dedicating their time to make life changing diagnoses and scientific breakthroughs. The equipment they are working on should not only be functioning at its best to be keeping them safe but should also be ergonomic to help them work comfortably and efficiently.  

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Scimedico's comprehensive preventive maintenance procedure focuses on end user safety and optimal equipment function. When healthcare workers are sure of their safety and their equipment is ergonomic and well maintained they are more efficient and can focus on what matters - the patient.